5 Advices for everyone who’s decided to learn Chinese

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language that goes to his heart”. –Mandela Nelson

The Connection is the primary source of chain locking within itself, the language helps in connecting. Learning language may tend to be a difficult task but as a matter of facts, it is easy. Matter how difficult it is or a bizarre shape font, the meaning and the speaking of the words remains the same throughout the world.

If you are a businessman, a student or an employee working out of your nation in a foreign country with a foreign language, then this will really help you to sort out your basic problem. You can’t depend on anyone to get understood. The only way is by learning.

Here we are discussing the Chinese language. Learning this language seems to be a tough job and even hard to write but the truth is, it’s not. Learning Chinese can be enthusiastic. Learning with the wrong method can be the opposite. Chinese character can be difficult if you use the wrong method. The only way of learning is learning in past years was offline classes where one had to daily spend hours traveling to a institute or a tutor whereas in this digital era, one can learn easily through online methods where you can easily learn the basics from your home. Here are the 5 pieces of advice:

  1. Difficult yet easy, the Chinese language: It is the most difficult language in the world. The Chinese language is a “tonal” language. That means one word if spoken differently can tend to be another word. Where the word was spoken can generate the multiple meanings. There is no grammar required yes it is correct. The sentenced formed basically depends on a mirror of English language (subject + verb + object). The Verb in singular form. No gender, no plural noun and not an expression of the tenses. Choose your dialect between the Mandarins not the Cantonese. The Mandarin language is commonly used and officially used as a language of education, media and politics and it is largely spoken in Northern China.                                                                                                                                                 lang
  2. Decide by speaking first: The language is full of complexity both in writing as well as speaking. Try to utter few words on your own. The Preply website helps you to speak few words first then to learn and after that, online courses are available where you can find several qualified Chinese teachers. The contrast of expelling grammar from this language makes it a little simple; the tone of the language is quite difficult. One could learn the writing easily, but things are different when it comes to speaking. The online programs help you simultaneously both in speaking and written language.                                                                                                                  scnd
  3. Characters reading and writing: The font may seem to be treble and difficult to learn. For this, there is a requirement of a qualified Chinese teacher who will teach you the basics of the language. As mentioned above, you can find such reputed teachers at Preply platform. There are several other websites too where you can find all the online teachers and their tutorial videos. With a teacher, you will not be illiterate anymore in writing. If you learn to speak well but fail to write you will miss the art work. Writing Chinese is an art that you must learn from a skilled professional teacher. Simplified characters can be easy and one can figure it out easily.                                                                                                                                              ‘trd
  4. The most important advice “Listening”: Listening, and observing the pronunciation spoken by one is the best way to improve listening. Dictation is also very useful. These online teachers help you in your writing as well as in speaking. If you won’t be able to recognize the word, you would probably fail in writing and speaking. The podcast method is used where the recorded voice is played and dictates the words clearly. This recording can either be of 5-10 seconds or even lesser & more depending.                                                                                                            4
  5. Take your work and studies seriously: Unlike the other languages like English, that can be easily learnt; Chinese languages on the other hand deal with the complexity and also require high-level attention, perseverance and commitment. This means you have to be effective and attentive during your online practice sessions. The Private session may help you only when you have the enthusiasm in you. Online study can only give you knowledge, not the attention. That means you have to be attentive on your own.

“To learn another language is to possess a second soul”. – Charlemagne, with these above mentioned tips, you can easily learn Chinese in a matter of days. Patience, hard work and learning is the ultimate key to achieve any goal in life. A famous Chinese said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.


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